Specialist Full Structural Surveys

A Building Survey is an investigation into, and assessment of, the construction and condition of a building. It is based on a detailed inspection of the building in as much depth as is possible without damaging the building or contents. Our Building Survey is more comprehensive than most as it includes inspection by a Chartered Surveyor, a Structural Engineer as well as a report on the damp-proof course and internal accessible timbers by a British Wood Preserving & Damp-proofing Association member and also of the cavity wall ties within the exterior elevations, if present. The report will include guidance on maintenance and remedial works and often a detailed comment on individual defects.

A Building Survey is essential when purchasing period buildings, those with unusual characteristics or of unusual construction. It is equally suitable for modern traditional buildings.

Because of the individual nature of a Building Survey it is not possible to give any guidance on costs, as it is with the Homebuyers Survey and Valuation. The fee will vary according to the type, size, value and location of the property.